Is anybody working on a record at the moment? I’ve got some down time from school coming up and I’d like to mix something.

If you can send me tracks to a song or two by, like, December 10th I could mix them and have versions back to you in a couple of weeks at the most. I basically want to do it to keep my skills sharp (ie., no charge). Hit me up if you’re interested.

Edit: check out my work if you’re interested here.

If you’re a music person who plays in bands and stuff, and you have a minute, would you by any chance want to fill out this survey about recording studios? I’m doing some market research on who uses recording studios and why. I’m specifically looking for people from Rochester, NY but anybody can participate.

Thanks everyone!


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This is what I stare at most days.

This is what I stare at most days.

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We’d all like to thank Blake Cooper… for another great recording.
Casey Bloom, Mudruum
…the easiest, and most comfortable I have felt doing any recording in any band I’ve been in. Blake knows what he’s doing.
Like Wolves